Thursday, November 1, 2012

Batman staged drama and suspense of exciting

Compared to The Avengers in iron man or the Hulk, Nolan's Batman Begins successful Batman into closer to the Greek myth of hero image.
In the final chapter, was forced to retire in 8 years of Batman, and have suffered a lot of pain, his body has a greater than before, in the case of be caught between two fires, Batman faces a disability, and always be trapped in the dilemma of not being understood, so when Bane mask becomes a major threat, probably for the first time in the history the audience for Batman, the fate of concern.
In The Dark Knight Rises, all the plot design is in accordance with the end of the direction of leave no room for, Nolan said, we tried to put all the elements into the film, the interpretation of I want to Batman characters in all aspects. I think this is a complete end, I also hope that resonate with the audience, because the most exciting but is, for the one you put the long story of closing down.
I in the production of the film is to have this feeling, I also sincerely hope that the audience will feel the same. That's entertainment works great, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to the immortal legend finish. Ghristian Bale and Christopher Nolan had said that this is the last time cooperation Batman, so in order to advance to the end of their plot, make all the audience can see the terrified.
The film's ending, in contrary to expectation.
batman bane mask

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