Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dark Knight Rises VS Dark Knight

In the design, The Dark Knight Rises difficult also with step-by-step, move move is the Dark Knight compared to gauge. The Dark Knight is almost in the film the first lens began to dig under the pit, the clown has a dovetail antisocial outlook on the world, the plot is also closely around him no holes in the logic, with Batman ’s self-redemption with cognitive reframing throughout the rhythm to tighten Gong close drum make smooth reading, reading a breathe a sigh of relief. The Dark Knight Rises seem to spend too much energy on other events, in commom; cynical to pave the way for nearly half an hour later, the plot was officially launched, but unfortunately the grand opera in the lead force bighorn fight, even the police counterattack retook the City show code can’t fully developed. Shellfish Batman the Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask  died too soon too suddenly, almost without warning, dead law nor any highlights. Marion Claudia plays Miranda Tate despite the crucial, but due to lack of sufficient matting and makes its transition unconvincing. In The Dark Knight regardless of clown, Gordon or batman, died of loyalty to his faith — this is the film the most touching part, while in the The Dark Knight Rises is very difficult to see a character from first to last stick to their principles. Seems to be to cater to the plot reverses the need, perhaps because of too much luxury lineup, the first two appeared in the third film star almost all return, there are too many perplexing background need to confess. It is the final song of the feast itself is unable to avoid.
batman bane mask
Though not as The Dark Knight American, The Dark Knight Rises still than the average Hollywood popcorn movie. In a question the essence of democracy and torture by the nature of good and evil, Nolan focused on the so-called social elite and excessive crazy belief, directed at the real social darkness tension reduction. In addition, Nolan always restrained in balance of scene size, a plurality of climax scene is very beautiful. As Catwoman stealing jewelry gorgeous debut, Annne Hathaway air and dignified image subversion of the former Catwoman sexy style, although she is dressed up as Catwoman. Butler Alfred twice ad touch one deeply in the heart, embarrassed Joseph bridge to face friendly bullet impressive, when Wayne on crutches in former days brilliant underground arms in time, new high-tech equipment brings out a generation of hero ’s decline.
From the day, The Dark Knight Rises can go beyond The Dark Knight, but it is more obvious than before two more powerful powerful visual effects, star-studded luxury lineup and spiritual salvation depth increase, making this film still accomplished the end task, the achievements of a tragedy heroic epic.

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