Sunday, November 11, 2012

Batman is one of the richest characters

In fact, in all the famous comic book hero, Batman is one of the few no super powers, flesh is a mortal character, but he can almost and Superman racing together at the same level, is this why?
In addition to his enormous wealth to the Justice League to provide funds, Wayne smart and Batmobile, bat suit, bat dart and a variety of high-tech means nobody can the enemy, in addition, he also has a remarkable collection and analysis of information capacity, with excellent physical and fighting capacity.
In fact, Batman works a bit like an iron man, but the two character is not the same as. His enermy Bane has become a popular character with Bane mask. Batman is not the Justice League patriarch, begin invited him, he refused, but has been secretly watching their actions, and at a critical moment to insert in the guide, in other words, he is not Justice League members, he runs to refer to hand drawing foot. But his experience is rich, and understand their strengths and weaknesses, can effectively command, the maximum play to the advantages of each member. Of course, later, he joined the.
Actors: Bale is not conjecture
In 27 days this month released in mainland China on the Batman movie is played by Ghristian Bale, his Batman image obtained everybody's high degree of recognition, but unfortunately, in the film Justice League, Bale shows no interest for batman.
Bane mask

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