Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The villain Bane adorable idol type embarrassed Batman

The famous Hollywood super hero epic adventure Batman: The Dark Knight Rises has been released the 2D and 2DIMAX NTSC. The exposure of Chinese film making, uncover the mysterious veil of magnificent epic. In this special, cast not only to share their character result, also reveal a lot behind the scenes of rare known interesting tidbits.
Bane is an evil, in fact some far-fetched, because Tom Hardy plays Bane is from the outside to the inside. Black through the villain, though Bane design Tom Hadi handsome face almost completely covered up by Bane mask with voice changer, but he is a single by the face and eyes can convey Bane hysterical bad and hide the pain of the strength of the actors, light relies on these two things, is scary enough. Tom on screen bad make one's hair stand on end, the screen he was quite adorable, the first time in dressing room to see Baer in the clothes, Tom Hardy is 3 years old child, look as cheerful as a lark! Batman! People can not help but feel that the villain is a bit too adorable.
With the image of Bane in stark contrast, is slightly east face of young Hollywood icon Joseph Gordon Leavitt, in Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight , he played the role of detective John Brett is justice, in this vanity impetuous world, he can always stick to their ideals, firmly believe that their work is meaningful, Nolan said he is the most dark knight temperament of the Lightbringer, fans said it was one of the most talented, private Joseph, as director, company, understand the investment, ten all-around.
Tom Hardy

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