Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dark Knight Rises VS Dark Knight

In the design, The Dark Knight Rises difficult also with step-by-step, move move is the Dark Knight compared to gauge. The Dark Knight is almost in the film the first lens began to dig under the pit, the clown has a dovetail antisocial outlook on the world, the plot is also closely around him no holes in the logic, with Batman ’s self-redemption with cognitive reframing throughout the rhythm to tighten Gong close drum make smooth reading, reading a breathe a sigh of relief. The Dark Knight Rises seem to spend too much energy on other events, in commom; cynical to pave the way for nearly half an hour later, the plot was officially launched, but unfortunately the grand opera in the lead force bighorn fight, even the police counterattack retook the City show code can’t fully developed. Shellfish Batman the Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask  died too soon too suddenly, almost without warning, dead law nor any highlights. Marion Claudia plays Miranda Tate despite the crucial, but due to lack of sufficient matting and makes its transition unconvincing. In The Dark Knight regardless of clown, Gordon or batman, died of loyalty to his faith — this is the film the most touching part, while in the The Dark Knight Rises is very difficult to see a character from first to last stick to their principles. Seems to be to cater to the plot reverses the need, perhaps because of too much luxury lineup, the first two appeared in the third film star almost all return, there are too many perplexing background need to confess. It is the final song of the feast itself is unable to avoid.
batman bane mask
Though not as The Dark Knight American, The Dark Knight Rises still than the average Hollywood popcorn movie. In a question the essence of democracy and torture by the nature of good and evil, Nolan focused on the so-called social elite and excessive crazy belief, directed at the real social darkness tension reduction. In addition, Nolan always restrained in balance of scene size, a plurality of climax scene is very beautiful. As Catwoman stealing jewelry gorgeous debut, Annne Hathaway air and dignified image subversion of the former Catwoman sexy style, although she is dressed up as Catwoman. Butler Alfred twice ad touch one deeply in the heart, embarrassed Joseph bridge to face friendly bullet impressive, when Wayne on crutches in former days brilliant underground arms in time, new high-tech equipment brings out a generation of hero ’s decline.
From the day, The Dark Knight Rises can go beyond The Dark Knight, but it is more obvious than before two more powerful powerful visual effects, star-studded luxury lineup and spiritual salvation depth increase, making this film still accomplished the end task, the achievements of a tragedy heroic epic.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Batman staged drama and suspense of exciting

Compared to The Avengers in iron man or the Hulk, Nolan's Batman Begins successful Batman into closer to the Greek myth of hero image
In the final chapter, was forced to retire in 8 years of Batman, and have suffered a lot of pain, his body has a greater than before, in the case of be caught between two fires, Batman faces a disability, and always be trapped in the dilemma of not being understood, so when Batman Bane Mask becomes a major threat, probably for the first time in the history the audience for Batman, the fate of concern.
In Rise of the Dark Knight, all the plot design is in accordance with the end of the direction of leave no room for, Nolan said: " we tried to put all the elements into the film, the interpretation of I want to Batman characters in all aspects. I think this is a complete end, I also hope that resonate with the audience, because the most exciting but is, for the one you put the long story of closing down. I in the production of the film is to have this feeling, I also sincerely hope that the audience will feel the same.
That's entertainment works great, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to the immortal legend finish. " Ghristian Bale and Christopher Nolan had said that this is the last time cooperation Batman, so in order to advance to the end of their plot, make all the audience can see the terrified.
batman bane mask

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CW television cartoon series Deadman succession Smallville

CW television announced that it would start a new comic book series Living Dead, in succession have exit screen Smallville.
Comic adaptation of Smallville, is CW television superhero genre in the masterpiece series, the show for ten season, ratings remained high. However, as the Smallville exit the screen, but the main character are still remembered by its fans, just like the Green Arrow, it's cool smallville green arrow costume is welcomed. CW television began looking for new transcriptions, and the phase of living dead.

The living dead tells the story of the hero Boston Brand with murder, but a supernatural power to his death and resurrection, Boston - Brandi to pay off old scores, and began his career in crime punish the murderer.

It is reported, the living dead continued by Warner Bros. television production, and evil Supernatural the chief Eric Kripke will be in charge of the new drama producers and writers, but no official announcement specific shooting plan.

smallville green arrow

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Captain America will join the Avengers Initiative

Since the diffuse and Wideload Games last month launched the Avengers Initiative after the game, because like endless sword and criticized, some foreign media even made a failing grade.
Even as the comics industry veteran to have experienced years of wind and frost, Man-wai also impatient. Over the weekend at the New York Comic-Con, the company has announced that it will in the near future, the Captain America joined to the Avengers Initiative
Avenger action in the past, as Man Wai you hear that, in time, have yielded a named dance for joy feeling? More pleased that, with the Avengers members, the talented iron man black widow and other superheroes, with the avengers captain america costume, will also have a chance to be added to the game to diffuse. How 's it going? Is it right? Look forward to?
captain america costume

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some amazing episods on Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist to indicate, prior to the time this incident over the redemption itself, reached the extreme case to face the ugly scene of the relationship service to with shy and beautiful gift.
This collection over time much of the routine actually spectacular migration. (Do not waste your time and for the success of the series storywise) certainly do not want the appearance of amaimon and continue, he will be killed immediately. He is far short of our expectations, which is engaged in the leaves Exorcist calamity, which is surrounded by scenes of kurikara-week range of reform came into the Vatican and then layer, through the student group.
Leaves his resurrection, to kill his situation, it will return to peace amaimon fall sleep at any time.
Every piece of amaimon die even before the launch, story route was surprised to suddenly end the trend of this series, this time skilled migration invisible. Implementing a series of changes in technology that has never seen an early story - a very welcome change.
After surgery, the number of incidents is collecting change conspiracy another topic of interest in the power of Satan the Devil some feelings, Rin and his classmates as the new relationship focus. Hot anger of the overwhelming Rin out what secret anymore - including beyond the ability of even now.
Exorcist cause of alumni relations quite awkward since has become apparent wearing blue exorcist yukio cosplay costume in the new situation, he is the son of Satan the devil for some. However, successful some special training, to work without something to do in the normal classes, leaving the other, and he would like something repair loss.
Cute little devil dialogue replacing the snow-white eyebrows and their tyranny Lin Kyoshu best when the last character in Izumo strange course. Atonement priest final scene emergency service waste opportunity of being able to maintain hope.
blue exorcist yukio cosplay

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Drag System Has Three Dress Optional

As  assassins creed 3  derivative works, Assassin ' s Creed 3 Liberation, are a highly anticipated game player cross-dressing  system, this also is the one large window, game player will be in the game through the dress up to hide their identity, for the his behavior as a cover.
In  assassins creed 3 liberation , the protagonist Kenway can have at least three different connor kenway costumes he can dress up as a poor, so she after a large number of workers, slaves and servants of the people, it is easy to be ignored, if necessary, he can even in the crowd rioted; while in the formal occasions he can wear high fashion, so that he will be in those very snobbish local smooth operator.
But, unfortunately, the dress will severely limit the number of Kenway carry a weapon, so, if you want to play the passion point, choose the default character to dress the most suitable.
Assassins creed 3 liberation  in October 31st on PS Vita platform, please look forward to!
connor kenway costume

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The changes of tradition Halloween festival

Halloween today has not spread to the religious superstition, it became a children 's program, young people also fancy dress party programs.
  On the social activities of the festival has been doing positive guide: ask the adult education children threatening not to the practical joke, also ask the adult children go out together ( usually an adult cars parked on the roadside, children knock on the door to discuss sugar ). Adults should ask their children only to have the gate layout of the festival of lights and point them, or do not bother. In addition to discuss sugar process must always stand at the gate waiting for, not inside, recover the sugar to pay only after the inspection must eat. Reception on the child's family also asked not to produce their own food, nor to the non-food packaging.
  Public places and home around the festival layout are voluntary. A jack-o-lantern, white net black spider, is a festival decorate, have no shocking Halloween colors. Some female students also end at this moment will buy a pumpkin and ghost skull earrings to wear. If there is any home decorate do too scary, being related to stop, the media also can make its exposure, let the public criticism.
  Halloween costume, and thousand million, not monotonous large ghost soldier. There are many ways to teach people how to make Halloween costume. For example, making the most simple ghost costume with a white bed sheets at the top of his head, don't forget to buckle two holes for eyes is; if want to play the magician, wear black clothes black pants, wear black bowler hat, and in the topper and head between reservoir a downy Bunny standby; also taught adults how to make children dressed as angels, white pants, and again from behind how to tie a flashlight on the head; also teaches how to put children dress up like their favorite cartoon. Of course, clothing, props industry businessmen, more articles can be done.
  Schools in the Halloween is not a holiday. Sometimes the school to organize the party, sometimes unwilling to remain out of the limelight of the students will also own hosting small parties; friends, family and mutual send greeting cards Happy Halloween has become the year October popular custom. Now the Internet makes send Halloween card is more convenient and economic,
  In conclusion, Halloween has become western a very ordinary seasonal festivals. There are many people see this as the end of autumn and winter. Halloween, people began to look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year.
  halloween cosplay costumes

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The sentiments are triggered by Assassin's Creed

Assassin's creed is the best place not its picture, Not his behavior, But by a series of the game to the interpretation of someone's life. From vibrant to old, You should always with him, For him, With joy when his tempers, As he resented, On him. Imprint is scratched on my heart.

Will always relationships, Not wedded, Hero years are now looking at his wife and kids, Recalled that during those times she, Has turned into many loess. Flashy cleaned, Eventually left us a aged Connor Kenway, And internet before us, At present we. Get out alone, After a use of memories, Although disappointing, so, added, Is quiet and quiet.

Ability to remember, Kenway all the way up to kill him with assassin's creed cosplay costumes, Will be framed by the assassin of a beheaded out. At that time also finally understand life. His father has been the assassin organization members. Specifically his uncle, Helped his colleagues, And help him to move weapons, Deciphering the facts letter Da Vinci are assassins members.

Stop the Knights Templar become interested in Kenway final mission.
To the last sentences, The Pope to the Kenway sta. Eventually. Clearly he did not kill the Pope. History is not in the memory of the progres. The Ezio was a companion of mythical prophet. He didn't be aware that. But the particular following,Below the Pope, Ezio will face the Vatican subway hidden secret. Oplagt is.

With regard to solved all the data objects left number 16. You will receive a complete video, In motion picture, Adam and Eve crazy in a clean destination for a run, Seem to want to flee.

Given away is of human origin.

assassin's creed costumes

Monday, October 15, 2012

Animation of the rise of great powers

When I read on the Internet " detective Conan " animated background production company STUDIO EASTER told employees complained that the news, I must confess, my first reaction is not sympathy, but I believe that it is not just me, all about animation industry prospect in people more or less will have such a right feelings at work, because we have seen a lot of such news.

If only more story sympathetic index, I hope the media hype " white-haired mother crying son in the animationindustry of misery and anime cosplay misery" such news, maybe this can be for young people to win some sympathy for anime cosplay. But, pity is not enough, and is far from enough.
As all the unfair phenomena have shown, people will take the opportunity to resolve their own anger, but someone to relieve the victims of sorrow. Especially like animation so flashy industry, often by the enthusiasm of young people and the elderly frozen to cover up its utilitarian nature.
In fact, the labor-capital contradiction in the world animation history there have always been. But as Japan animated cartoon is such a serious problem, it is to adjust the. So in your opinion, in the security interests of Japanese animation practitioners, which institutions should, or most likely to take action?
anime cosplay

The First Step to Be a Successful Cosplayer

Cosplay subculture has intruded the whole world. Originally in Japan, people like to cosplay their liked character in anime, manga or video for fun. And now it is the trend to be an aspiring cosplayer!
In Japan, there are actually professional cosplayers who can make a living from it! In fact, they can even get much more that. It sounds really like a really funny job. Maybe, but these professional cosplayers take their work very serious! As to being a successful cosplayer, their suggestions are to find at least one cosplay idol.
Let' s face it: with all cosplayers nowadays and the omnipresent Roxas, Suzuki, Misa misa,etc. We can also not make sure we would stand out even after getting the accurate and right cosplay outfits from the screen shots. The accurate and right cosplay wearing are just not enough to stand out in a cosplay party any more.
Then how we can get it work? What should we do to create a cosplay outfits that transcends all others? In that promising situation, fellows in the cosplay convention would stop and stare in awe, crowded and asking for taking photos of you.
Well, if you want to stand out at a cosplay show, you should have at least one costume that turns head. How should we do? Getting your cosplay idol is the first step. Someone is needed for you to look up to, to better yourself. Ask yourself questions like "What make them so good?" It is the accessories they own or the eye for detail? Does their choice of fabrics or the way their poses and personality shine through in photos matter? However, close attentions should be paid to the costume you are trying to create. Just let your imagination run wild and add a little of your personality to your cosplay! You will get all you want realized!
Here you will get the right place to one piece cosplay costumes and wigs. Mainly themed with 'psychological' and 'supernatural', it is recommended to teenagers and up. When cosplay becomes popular, Death Note also comes as one fantastic anime for cosplayers to set their person.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Supreme Assassin's Creed Cosplay Costumes

For guys who love Assassin's Creed Cosplay, the AC 3 series appeals to tremendous people to follow. Beiswenger has decided to step away from the legal proceedings, bringing the case to an end for now, at least. Beiswenger has settled with

Gametrailers out of court, and has dismissed his charges against Ubisoft, noting that he has chosen to focus his financial resources on some business matters. Alongside these charges, he also sued Gametrailers for its numerous online videos relating to the successful Ubisoft franchise. When the game released, fans are keep up with it closely. For a gamer, you can share your experience with you partners, meanwhile, if you are prone to do cosplay, organize a specialized cosplay group is kind of key point for our assassins creed connor costume cosplayers.

Both the novel and the Assassin Creed Cosplay series feature science fiction devices that allow characters to relive memories through the eyes of their ancestors, and Beiswenger had claimed that Ubisoft and Gametrailers were distributing and making money off of ideas that were lifted from his prior work. While this particular case has come to an end, Beiswenger dismissed his charges against Ubisoft without prejudice, which means that he can preserve his claims against Ubisoft if hchooses to return to court. For now, however, his representative says that he has chosen to focus on other matters.

Give it a try to Assassin's Creed Cosplay if you really want to have a unique day for convention. Beiswenger legal representative, Kelley Clements Keller, said, client decision to exercise his right to voluntarily dismiss the action, without prejudice, in no way diminishes his stalwart conviction in the merit of his claims against Ubisoft. He is unwavering in his belief that many key components of the Assassin Creed video game franchise infringe on many key components of his novel, Link. The dismissal of this case spells good news for Ubisoft, as the company plans to debut its latest game in

series, Assassin Creed III, later this year.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Captain America returns to life

From the dead after being killed more than 2 years ago, the United States was resurrected captain comic. Although the family was also closely
protected, American super hero back in July 1st in the five-comic-book series, Captain America.
A big movie miracle of development is expected in 2011. After nearly 60 years of printing, comic killed Steve Rodgers, aka the United States captain,2007, it is one of the most famous and beloved super hero, in a controversial story lines.
He battles, defeated Hitler, Tojo E, the Communist International and host the super villain, but a sniper's bullet cut off the United States captain in 2007, which shocked many of his fans."The response was amazing, " said Tom BREVOORT miracle executive editor. " Of course, like the world crazy forthree days. Everybody has an angle, including the fans who had not seen and loved all the avengers captain america costumes the 30 years of comic. "
In the cartoon series, Rodgers despised the superhero registration act trial after the heroic tragic mistake, leading to the 9 / 11-like events. Marvel Comics story is deliberately written as an allegory of the current practical problems such as the Patriot Act, the war on terrorism and the September 11th.Rodgers finally surrendered to the police. He was later mortally wounded he climbed on the courthouse steps. It is a violent and strange end American heroes and icons.

The main striker, cross -- working under the command of the United States, the captain's old rival, red skull -- caught. The identity of a shooting outof the 600 period, including sales of Monday.Many people believe that the United States captain dead 2007 is the symbolic time. He is now? " The world is now when we are at a point, we must believe that the hero. Someone who can guide the way, " brevoort. " It is the right time. "
The United States of America captain first appeared in 1941, as the United States entered the second world. He is a symbol of the United States of America 's strength and determination to fight against the axis powers.Initially, the creator of the Qiao Ximeng and Jack Kirby, Rodgers is born before the great depression in a very different the United States of america. He disappeared after the war, only to appear in recent comics chronology.Keep the super hero death and burial be not easily won. Even Superman, who was killed in a comic 1993, back to life after a year.
What the United States captain 's assistant, Buck Barnes? After taking the shield and the mission of the United States, the captain in a year of in the past, it is time to give up the mantle. There is room 2 sentinels of liberty? Please look forward to.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Feelings are triggered by Assassin's Creed

Assassin's creed is the greatest place not its picture, not his actions, but by a series of the game to the interpretation of a person's life. From young to old, let us always with him, with him, with joy when his anger, as he hated, with him. Imprint is engraved on my heart. Love, not married, hero years are now looking at his wife and children, recalled that at that time she, has turned into a handful of loess. Flashy cleared, finally left us a aged Connor Kenway, and computer before us, still we. Leave it alone, after a lifetime of memories, although regrettable, but, after all, is tranquil and quiet.

Memory, Kenway all the way to kill him while he is wearing connor kenway costume, will be framed by the murderer of a beheaded out. At the same time also finally understand life. His father has always been the assassin organization members. Including his uncle, helped his friends, and help him to  change weapons, deciphering the secret letter Da Vinci are assassins members.

Stop the Knights Templar get into Kenway final mission.

To the last paragraph, The Pope to the Kenway station. At last. Of course he did not kill the Pope. History is not in the memory of the change. The Ezio was a companion of legendary prophet. He didn't understand that. But the next ...

Down the Pope, Ezio will face the Vatican underground hidden secret. God is.

When you have solved all the data objects left number 16. You will get a complete video, in the video, Adam and Eve crazy in a clean place to run, seem to want to escape.

Disclosed is of human origin.

In relation to the plot and painting of Ao no Exorcist

In recent years the more famous works is the black deacon and battlefield daughter martial art god. But since the black deacon 2, appears on continuously! What painting out of shape, like the original, and so on, the latter aside, this is out of shape with a bad impression most profound, it is probably the last October after fault dog! In fact, the fault dog just hanging out in the A-1's only, and is not produced, OK, this is not our focus today.
So when some people get their magic production companies, began to worry about the quality of the animation problem. I personally feel, works go out of shape, is not wholly to blame for the production company who, after all, the original of Ao No Exorcist Yukio cosplay there are so many people, a word generally 1-2 painting supervision, have to in the limited time total correction is not too realistic, therefore, basically just do generally do not take shape on OK, but if you paint is high, then when I did not say!

Green magic period can be said to be in accordance with the basic comic story goes, occasionally inserted a few original, but to tell the truth, in addition to fifth words magic food outside, other a few words original plot are pale, just to catch up and increase out of it! Not much meaning . From the phosphorescence 's true identity is known, is a way of original, until finally, also appear to see that counterfeit goods he said is the snow man their grandfather! If it is not fake it, it 's finally I wish him to die, Hello, goodbye.
According to the FANS sharp-eyed bid, which he had first appeared in words beginning, interested students can go out have a look, it seems, production team in the first words were planted original foreshadowing! Even the heavy new set to save ... ...
In fact, the original plot are not shortcomings, as supervised Okamura day fasting, some FANS should know his name! The supervision work has always been a good reputation, the DTB is the best example. Therefore, her original plot classmates too pessimistic.
In the painting, because every time I shot so is still relatively clear, green magic out of shape words number not much, occasionally out of shape that is no way, after all, every word painting supervision is different, original number should also be replaced, the drawing quality uneven, as a prison to one one to fix is also very tiring thing. Of course, most major or have to ensure that the original, if the original is out of shape words, as the prison is also too late to repair each piece of original.
Overall speaking, green magic quality is moderate, not bad, at least I don't think there is a large gap between.
The original story is not a cartoon shortcoming, depending on how to change.
Up to now, should have the people will look forward to the weekly Green Magic bar! Okay, you want to say, I said to myself I will not oppose, I think people look down on impulse!