Thursday, November 22, 2012

How could Batman affect the cosplay world

What's film? In simple terms, it makes dreams. However, in addition to the dream into reality as, sometimes tinged with blood. The United States of America local time on July 20th before dawn, Batman Begins 3: Rise of the Dark Knight in the United States of Colorado, Denver City premiere, the occurrence of malignant shot case, 12 people were killed. Did those people want to mimic villain Bane who is iconic is Bane mask in our mind?
Batman premiere shootings occurred after the United States, fly a flag at half-mast to mourn the victims. But facing an election, frankly, for that matter, the tone is: things will pass. But I always felt, for the movie itself, the matter is not so simple. Not should not go. Dreaming in the movie if in addition to dream, also created the reality, might have to adjust their own time.
In fact, the film caused by cases and more than Batman Begins this one, a website is arrange at least ten cinema events, including the Godfather, X men: the fight to win or die, Matrix and so on. These events include the audience to boycott, conflicting with the film itself, or even unrelated events. But the concern is the Matrix, the film caused by the facts of the crime is the hallmark of the series. Reported that, although the Matrix caused some of the violence did not occur in the cinema, the film series lasting influence, or shocking. In 2003, a 19 year old boy killed his parents, his lawyer says, this is because the teenager of 19 years old that he lives in the Matrix.
Why in the past and clear distinction between reality and dream, now began to blur, appeared even more unable to distinguish dream and reality? This caused the new meaning and the Internet world relations. That's probably the main reason why those cosplay costumes sales are so popular in our world.
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