Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Writer Bill Finger and his Batman

As Batman original comic writer, Bill Finger did not win any honours, which at the time was very common. In addition to rely on the Bill Finger of the script, Kaine also hired some anonymous shadow of the day. Although the details of these arrangements is only a guess, but at some point - perhaps as early as 1946 - Kaine and DC comic reached an agreement, that Kaine is Batman creator.
In 1966 launched the Batman TV show Kaine has brought huge profits, and made him famous small. Bill Finger wrote a script, but he didn't because Batman continued popularity and get nothing in return.
Finger 1965 in New York attended the session early comic book convention. Until then, his creation in Batman 's contribution to attract the public's attention. At the end of 1965, the comic book historian Jerry Bails in a non mainstream Enthusiast Magazine published an article entitled " if the case is entirely cleared. ", perhaps each plot has Finger shadow! Article, describing the Finger for the creation of Batman 's contribution. In response, Kaine in another fanzine refuted the Finger, claiming" I Bob Ken Batman is the only creator.
Finger died in 1974 at the time of his 60 birthday, from only a few weeks, he is Batman 's contribution has not been officially recognized, most comic outside still on the know nothing at all. Batman still has his own stage in film industry, the lastest film Dark Knight Rises has been another big hit, not only Batman, but Catwoman and Bane mask as well.
When Nobel Man began writing about the Finger 's picture book, he struggled to find relevant picture, so that the book illustrator Ty Templeton can be true to life likeness Finger drawings. Industry insiders told Nobel Man, the existing Finger photo only two pieces. He was also told that he has no living heirs, unable to accept him to create Batman's royalty. But in the book of Nobel Man is in the process of investigation, he found that the two argument is unfounded.
Norton knowledge online and Nobel Man had have an informal discussion, discuss the Finger 's life and legacy, and today the creative artist can learn from experience. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

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