Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Popularity roles of One Piece

On March 20, began to Tokyo will begin to display ONE PIECE exhibition to original image of the body feeling ONE PIECE", the author and music producer of this comic to explore the role of ONE PIECE.
Recently, the popular music producer for the upcoming ONE PIECE exhibition making music Panoramic experience, also to regard this as the opportunity, and the author to explore the role of oneself like. It is reported, music producer like One Piece, every week to buyJUMP, favorite role is he. Author said, "because he death scene before early decision, so I think in the plot and the drawing process, feelings of sadness also gradually disappeared!
For the writer, because of the need to advance the plot arrangement, can say such a feeling I'm afraid to also have no way. However, in the public conduct such speech, or hurt the feelings of the part of the reader. Someone said "white beard will die this matter is expected to, do not have necessary even he also die while wearing Monkey D Luffy costume" also someone says "it seems that this role is to eat lunch box to set" also someone says "if is a would have wanted to make people tears, let him with a bit more sensation they exchange ah, just light out say hello, and then out have been hanged, who would cry" "tail" field is very hate he? You see that kind of dead method, and young happens, "" before he said" one piece "of the characters not dead? So see true death feel very surprised, but didn't cry out" others said, "by the whole frozen ice people die, like black thorpe that ordinary people can die after big bang what of, result he's dead, let a person a little cannot accept".
But anyway, he lunch it seems never spit not to come out.
Monkey D Luffy costume

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