Monday, November 12, 2012

Superman and Batman is the leader in Justice League

Superman believe many readers and audiences are most familiar with Superman 's parents, Jor-El and Lara deliver him to earth, is to save his life and that they have to destroy the planet Krypton (KR planets).
When Superman spaceship will fall on the earth's town of Smallville, was via the Kents found, and took him up. Clark extraterrestrial origin to his powerful abilities, and can absorb the energy of the sun. In order to conceal the identity, Clark in the metropolis Daily Planet work, and met journalist Louise. Once a person is immersed in the crisis, he would dress up in front of people. On the superhuman ability, different time, different versions of the story may have slightly different. But say, Superman collection of various abilities in a body, is a perfect image.
The beginning of " Justice League invited him to join it, he refused, the reason is no time, he later joined, but in an after action, Superman to recognize the ability of other people and their difference is too big, it is difficult to let other players play, not suitable for team cooperation. He decided to temporarily only as honorary members, only when necessary to assist.
Although have no super powers, but Superman don't like violence, always for the peace of the world and selfless dedication, so in thesuperhero character and prestige are quite high, also has become the Justice League delegate character and spiritual leader.
In the Dark Knight Rises, batman has shown his unique and powerful stunt and determination to protect the city, and against the powerful villain Bane and his team.

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