Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Batman has met some troubles in the United States before showing

A period of time before the the Dark Knight Rises shows scene shooting has not yet subsided, another wave of almost coming. According to foreign media reports, the United States of West Lake city in Ohio, the Dark Knight Rises show scene, we found an armed man. Although no casualties, but the police still be arrested, the house on Monday evening to be searched. The beginning of this film has already predicted something, like the vilain Bane mask would be a powerful enermy of Batman.
Bane mask
This incident happened in the United States on Saturday evening at ten Ohio West Lake city some cinema scene, was the manager of a man and his knapsack question. Then, the manager and an off duty police staff to the suspect and backpack searched. The results, they find a gun, bullet and knife. Although there are no shooting time, but the man was subsequently came to the city of West Lake police arrest. The house on a Monday to be searched.
At present, the man's name, his guns to reason and so on relevant information has not yet been police disclosed.
It is reported, the Dark Knight Rises has been identified in August 27th to introduce to China mainland, and extraordinary on the same day released as Spider-man.

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