Thursday, November 8, 2012

Game and Animated version of Devil May Cry

The ghost, also known as the demon hunter Devil May Cry, by Japanese CAPCOM game development works. Is CAPCOM with Italy famous literary works Divine Comedy for inspiration and development of the classic action games, the game is full of dark Gothic style, in a battle with the rich and colorful weapons as the main characteristic, has been the industry as action game NO.1 Devil May Cry in the introduction of popular game player welcome, because its style back to approximately late 80's to early 90's 2D game style, at the same time the game joined 3D effects as well as some innovation style, the story line, excellent soundtrack these game elements, the series has since become take charge as chief of the game.

In 1998, CAPCOM launched the Resident Evil 3, served as the biochemical crisis 2 game supervision Shinya Hideki prepares to develop the latest Resident Evil 4, internal and intend to launch the biochemistry crisis series unauthorized biography gamebiochemistry crisis: Saint code, and by Sega under Nextech Corporation; D. So the game developers to Spain in search of various castles to design the game environment. Resident Evil 4 first edition came out, CAPCOM realized first edition in all respects with the previous biochemical crisis series of horror style have different. CAPCOM does not want to give up the biochemistry crisis series of horror style, also do not want to give up the first edition, and decided to create a Devil May Cry game series.
Animated version of Devil May Cry:
The animated version of Devil May Cry by the MADHOUSE is responsible for the production, and in June 14, 2008 started in WOWOW. Devil May Cry animated version of the story will revolve around the demon hunter Dante, Dante in a street in a business called Devil May Cry firm and Devil May Cry 3 costume is on sale, despite his skill is superb, but because want to leisurely pace and often break. One day, Dante took a little girl to escort mansion commissioned, but in the escort had countless demons advance wave upon wave hit, so Dante's demon work began.
Animated with a character of Devil May Cry, game in the heroine Tracy and lady will be on stage, in addition to such as the little girl Patti and other original characters. Responsible for the Devil May Cry the animation is produced DEATH NOTE, NANA, monster and King's daughter and other works of river door rocket MADHOUSE. The game in English, and the animated version of Devil May Cry main battle is Morikawa Toshiyuki.
Devil May Cry 3 costume

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