Monday, November 5, 2012

The hotspots of Dark Knight Rises

Fashionable Hollywood annual epic piece Batman: the Dark Knight Rises will visit the line of countrywide each courtyard and the mainland audience. In the man's world, Catwoman with its beautiful appearance and smooth and clean technology of airborne the superhero movie, Batman and Bane mask between the rather ambiguous interaction, the film infuse many female element.

Nolan under the lens of Catwoman, is like a mystery woman. She has a cat like a wasp waist buttocks, like cats and sensitive skill,
though less star temperament, but more hit woman taste. She can both in Batman to death, the brother Gotham City in crisis, can also and Batman fight hand in hand, to turn, turn back the powers of darkness. So can freely walk in between good and evil, Mianwucanshai, no fear, have to say, this strange woman in the world this one does not have a branch. Sometimes, she is a salvation feelings female of Bruce Wayne; some of the time, she is also doing unknown activities female version of bain. She is like a puzzle, you are ready to see her, she has a black go into the night, and then in a casual moment, she became the party that wearing a mask of charming and elegant girl.
The blurred personality is precisely the director Nolan to express, he not only in the classic characters and a high reliability, and easily won the audience favorite character by finding a balance between, but also for the Batman and Bain looking for a spiritual . Batman is an absolute justice to the dark knight, he has his simple justice -- black and white, Bain also has its own simple target, namely brother Gotham City to destroy Batman look. And she this role in the mist, is also evil, her own philosophy, in people's eyes is a concept to her is not to be worth a hair here, so a lot of time her behaviour, in the eyes of others is questioned.
From her subtilely mocking Batman Begins, to arouse a feeling between two people, from a relatively strange point of view, only the charm to reconcile the Catwoman grey temperament. But in the movie, was Catwoman appearance aroused Bruce Wayne silent for eight long years of the feelings of the world, she let Bruce Wayne's life full of color, evoking the Lost Hero survival consciousness, this point of view, Catwoman dark is also taking a dark character batman. Between the two subtle but be just perfect atmosphere of , a hotspot extremely.

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