Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moster Assassins Altair and Desmond

Background of game Assassins Creed is set at the end of the twelfth Century third crusade. Their names are Altair Ezio and Demon with assasins creed hoodie, are assassins group members. For assassins, earning money by taking commissions, like kill people, and they are prond of their job.
The specific circumstances of the game is unknown, but it seems to complete the mission, they have to deal with Crusaders and enemies. One of the most amazing scene occurs about Demon is that Altair is killed by several angry guards. After Altair dead, screen did not appear on the usual Game Over, but in a white light appeared after a Animus called the mystery machine. This machine works Corey equivocation, only hint that the game time is not limited to 1191. The Crusaders and the time travel linked to, the Demo in his Assassin Creed Desmond Miles hoodie full lift everyone's appetite, especially for those who value the storyline of the game players.
assasins creed hoodie

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Superb Assassin Project for Players

Produced by the Ubisoft, tentatively called Project Assassin original corresponding platform PS3 original new game, is now officially confirmed to be known as the Assassin's Creed, and announced the game 's promotional video game player, for the appreciation of.
Assassin's Creed in 1191, is also the Third Crusade in twelfth Century as the background, game player will play a special assassination Crusader Muslim secret group ASA Xin school members in Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes, in order to maintain Muslim sacred from the Crusader invasion, their superb stealth and assassination techniques, dive, the Crusader Christians one one buried in the darkness.
The official has not yet released more content, PS3 Assassin's Creed is scheduled for the E3 display, the assassin Connor would show his stunt with his Assassins creed 3 Connor costume,details of the game information that will be E3 this year in the game show on.
Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wear a Bane Mask for the End of World

If it comes to the end of the world, where are you? What will you do? I will quietly looking at the sky, it is one of the most rare to see the spectacular scene; I will tell everyone they know to send a goodbye message, if the communication can also support me), my farewell is my dear friends, dear family, we all should dissolve in the sky. The beautiful sky, but in order to achieve the best, you only need to pay a little pain and terror can achieve, henceforth, we will not have any worries, no pain, happiness will always be with us. Now the time has come, let us extend a warm hand to the brave hug! But when tens of thousands of years the earth to heal in time, if we are alive not dead, please do not forget to contact each other.
Of course, I will dress like my idol Bane, before must to take a hot bath, must put on Bane clothes preferably with Bane cotton jacket, heaven is cold, besides, Bane mask voice amazon and his boots must be wiped clean. Therefore, I can be just like Bane in the movie.
Bane mask voice amazon

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Cosplay Costumes are Used in Class

Cosplay in the game field is quite common, called Cosplay games. The main elements of RPG has several aspects: plot, picture, combat system, upgrade, skills, items, enemies, NPC etc. One of the most important is the plot and upgrade.
Cosplay activities are not to solve all the management class teaching has positive effect, that is only suitable for the cosplay theme, will it be possible to achieve the ideal effect. Selected topics should try to let students have something to say, something to do; give students the task is not too hard, not too easy, to slightly beyond the ability of students, to enable students to have a challenge, have a sense of achievement, which is beneficial to cultivating the students' interest and enthusiasm to create best cosplay costumes for sale or to wear only.
Requests the teacher to the superb design ability, otherwise in the design may be simple, apparent and false artificial phenomenon. This will undoubtedly cause on teaching effects directly influence, so that students can not get the real role of exercise. Similarly, in the design of scene, to be reasonable, design the scene and evaluation content match, otherwise it will make students feel at a loss.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to be a Successful Assassin

A successful assassination has failed because the other side is appropriate and the operation of skilled assassination. I will carry on the analysis.
First in the process of the assassin, the biggest threat is monk, is generally the assassin first targeted for assassination, of course, the monks have their own limitations and advantages, if known, and their fight is an assassin, first meeting put poison clothes absolutely wrong, second times the change of UB, assassin this moment will generally go to use deadly poison after sonic attack, of course, UB is not for everybody to have, and monk and assassin both instant kill each other, in general the assassin has certain advantages, the assassin in the dark, and in the light. And I own and monk combat experience, the monk in the bow when I sonic is absolutely not the monk, the assassin fatal will gradually close to the monks, and bow hunting at the same time light the assassin for appearing probability is still quite large, as after, some guests will sting start running, others will be charged against the bow body, rushed to open or gather gas after A8, run ... ... Usually when I run survival probability is 50.
Relative to the 2 PK is a powerful occupation, the outcome was essentially flat, occasionally assassin high a little bit, after all, the assassin sonic no release preparation time and A8 chant, and camouflage and bow, seem to be more active in disguise by wearing Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes. The monk, he can put A8 on the results show, quietly waiting for explosive gas after the deadly sonic odds much, of course the monk back madly immediately with gas, seize the moment your chance.
Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Come Batman and Bane could be Different Ways

The Dark Knight Rises paid more attention to discussing the human nature. Bane to Batman, actually you in their eyes, like me, was a monster, has shown common of them. Batman with parental guilt become evil nemesis, but itself also ignore the law, and Bane express similar anarchism, can say in the bright knight, the dark knight and Bane among three people, no one can stand in the real moral norms, it is against the law to advocate order, fairness, justice only personal identity. So the beginning of the movie also use other believe in justice men disguised as Batman chivalric and questioned him, you and we are not the same as what.
These mental patient ( Batman Series of whole world view that Wayne actually and Bane are crazy ) a purpose, a become two-faced, a natural love of panic, suggesting that all the people are born the same chaos or the same awake, and eventually become the kind of person, depends on your heart adhere to, want to be a hero, in this process by the combat and swayed more, but this is not your choice decides the direction of force, but their true inner thoughts motivates them to become what kind of person. Some people want to be Bane to have Bane mask voice amazon, some want to be Batman via finding his stuff.

Bane mask voice amazon

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mask Party Inspired by Bane Mask

Mask party as a clue, expansion of art design activities " Mask ". The entire party, around the main target, creating conducive to imagine environment around, some works of art, playing soft music, let us feel the beauty of art, art of edification, open train of thought, imagination.
Firstly let us feel enjoy different mask shape, through reviewing and express their own aesthetic point of view, internalized knowledge, rich experience, make aesthetic ability and aesthetic quality improvement; and free expression, bold design mask shape, outside of their feelings and understanding; finally, works display, groups of independent communication and interaction, improve people to feel the beauty and expression of the ability of the United states.
In this party, we have to experience the joy of creation and the joy of success, most people work can not be influenced by role models, have their own innovation, bold put themselves like features decorative, bold use of oil painting stick and pigments were alternately for painting. Some people make animal masks, some make classical cover eyes mask, some make masks inspired by films, like Batman mask, the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask and Cat mask and so on.
Bane mask

Assassin's Creed Has Portuguese Language Option

Ubisoft has released their latest multiplatform this week for Assassin's Creed 3. There are more language options for Portuguese to see the titles and to listen to the video, like their own Portuguese, English and so on. You can find some plots have adventures actions games. These will be shown or you can be met during the game.
The pack of Brazilian Portuguese language of Assassin's Creed 3 requires 345.31MB free place to storage drive the Xbox 360 system. Some contect can be downloaded for free on the Xbox live market.
Assassins creed III can be used in game 3 and 360 machine in North America in October 30th. The latest video game of Assassin's Creed franchise was also released for Nintendo add-on you system for November 18th and November 20th personal computer platform. You can find Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes and other devices online.
Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes

Monday, December 17, 2012

How a Bane Mask Makes You Scaried

We're still trying to get our hands on a destructive sound filter so that we can rewrite the famous movie lines, sounds like a happy Sean Connery slowly dying inside. Until then, however, we are forced to make their own imagination of other TV and movie villain, Tan projections. You see, originally, anyone, no matter how cruel, can appear a little evil, their mouths tied into a steam punk hat. Sorry, Jerry, but not allow you to die.
In the Dark Knight Rises,because justice exercise must obey the rules, so Batman can easily kill broken rules, if he destroys his principles and Bane with Bane mask. Gandhi said that the method not pure will lead to the purpose of not pure. So this world will have evil, because people dispel evil can rely on the law, the law is about the rules of procedure, evil will never be laws, but if not by law on will only end in disorder. With the international situation, the UN is in the rules to find a peaceful solution to the case, but there's always something evil by their dependence on obstruction of justice rules of the exercise. The Dark Knight really worthy of the depth of the hero, a hero without ability has become the most popular superhero.
Bane mask

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Rumors About the Dark Knight Rises

Batman: the Dark Knight Rises is the official title, and was trialed about more than a month before it has been shown, subject and content were not inappropriate. After over one week trial and then sent to the Shanghai film studio dubbing to finish the final step.
So now I get real high quality news, I can be very responsible to tell you, the Dark Knight rises and not cut for a second, especially the plots of villain Bane mask with voice changer are expected to see original, and would be released in the mainland of China, just a little bit later than we expected.
The media and individuals for their own interests, to speculation, in order to more individuals is not on the table to constantly take the only instance, cut cut, not on things speculation, is actually very boring. We pay attention to the new information to know, don't listen to or used.
In addition, the aliens series fans might be miserable, because prior to Prometheus was cut more than fifteen minutes.
The Dark Knight rises in the professional film review website rotten tomatoes harvested from 161 fresh tomato, 24 rotten tomatoes, fresh degree is 87%, 94 percent lower than the Dark Knight, 86 percent higher than Inception. To be sure, even if it is not Nolan's masterpiece, can not go beyond the dark knight, also is extremely wonderful movie.
Bane mask with voice changer

Have You Seen the Assassins Creed Moive

Assassins Creed has filmed into a short moive. How do you think about it?
First, this short film is a fans to things, didn't play the game won't understand. But as the game player, seen so many large and small game adaptation of the film, has not seen the reduction degree so high. Buildings, streets, action, the colors of the picture and say, perspective is simply 100% reduction; and the actors ( except Ezio, Connor ) Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes are so amazing, so like them.
Only played the game of the people, in order to know this movie and subsequent plot sequence of events. The actor ( the two sons of Giovanni Ezio ) in the game to play various methods of killing, cuff sword, archery, darts, pistol, poison, throwing smoke bombs, hand edge, seizing arms, stealing, bribery, horseback riding, fly over the walls, hiding, and Hawkeye mode is also cool vigor full. Those stunts are stunning.
Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Scenario of Connor in Assassins Creed III

Assassin's Creed Ubisoft 's 3 is a series of large, it will use the new engine Anvil 2 development, could represent thousands of soldiers with combat scenes, but also contains high detail quality, facial expressions.
The new hero calling himself Connor, Ratohnhake:ton, whose real name is spelled Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo, is the father of British people, mother is the North American indigenous people, the indians. He was civilization cultivation country outside the village grew up in Mohawk.
Game core subject is still a duel Knights Templar Assassin, through the American Revolution to tell, but the key is not related to win the revolution, the main plot is about Connor's journey. In this scenario, not all American colonists who are good, not all British colonial army absolutely bad. Game to game player performance, the assassin and the Knights Templar has gray zone. The Knights Templar is not bring the end of the world, they think they are to save the world, through the control of it. The game will also contain other forces, the French and indians. Assassins creed 3 Connor costume and Connor will be on the battlefield and political influence inside and outside historical events. At the same time, Connor's task is to our modern hero Desmond has effect.
Assassins creed 3 Connor costume

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Most Successful Catwoman and Villain Bane Mask

Catwoman Batman is true, but as Catwoman destiny it has not certainly. However, recently in Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight Rise, Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman excellent performance, the Hollywood that she was the most successful ever Catwoman.
First of all, in the Dark Knight Rise, director Nolan to abandon the Catwoman nickname, can imagine before the citizens of Gotham often took the name as a joke. She is a cat like occupation thief, not wearing tight leather flip-flop bad woman. Remove alias, narrowing the ears, making this was defined by the increase in the number of fresh and real sense.
the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask
Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman is not only the image of the predecessors, there is a great difference in the plot, also from the past villains. The history of the classic Catwoman was supposed to be released in 1992, this character is still so popular.
Hathaway 's Selina Kell is very consistent with the modern popular tastes. New Selina is like a female version of Robinhood, she was involved in the villain from the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask plot but remain neutral, she represents freedom, independence and revolution. Although Catwoman stood on opposite sides of the law, but she and Batman is still attracted to each other. After all, will never find a woman is capable of standing in the Batman side, in addition to the Selina - Kell.
On the other side, the villain Bane is also a successful charactor.
the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask

Assassin's Creed game access limited policy

As reported, Nintendo has begun to carry out adult game content ( PEGI 18+ ) limit access policy in Europe. According to the report, recently had the Wii U game player in the NeoGAF forum announced that its cannot access through eShop and purchase adult games work related content.
While Nintendo Italy service said, " Dear customer, Nintendo held is fit for all ages game player 's gameexperience, so we decided to just 11 pm to 3 am this period of time that is not suitable for minors access to opengame content. "Nintendo 's comments in EuroGamer subsequent experiments verified, when the site staff attempted to purchaseAssassins Creed 3 and Zombi U of two adult games, received a " you can not at this time to view the content" the system prompt. Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes are just likely to the trend of this game online.
In addition, Nintendo Usa Inc responsible person also has said that, aiming at the adult level of game content limit open policy restricted to Europe, the United States is not in the plan.
Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What has One Piece Given to us

Now the Japanese three big laborer manga popularity in China is very strong, they make known to every family is the One Piece, Naruto and Death, while in the three most popular works is One Piece. The comic has brought us large and imaginative world outlook, outlook on the world and one of the various rigorous detail let people aftertaste and praise. Comic created many unique role, regardless of is the protagonist Lu Fei and his companions, or in the adventure in the various enemies and friends, their different abilities and character to the comic to add more charm. In addition to the above features, the animation in a variety of impressive story for those who have seen my tears trickling down one's cheeks, either in a Rabastan and BiyiBi farewell, or people witnessing the burning of Melly number and so on, every time I see these lenses will always find the orbital is wet.
One Piece cosplay costumes can be said to be the set of all outstanding comic elements in a classic works, which is why the comic in Japan the prosperous reasons. Such excellent theme if not into the game is wasted, the so-called game catoon and caricature does not break up, one piece in its development of 12 years there have been numerous game adapted works. Some of them are based on the comic book the original plot, some original plot, some by the cartoon character adapted into other types of games, generally is to make Comics Super high gas for game earn opportunities. Below small make up for game player and anime fans to check several representative One Piece video game, have a look of the 10 years of development, which one piece game also brought us and comic the same feeling.
One Piece cosplay costumes

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Start your Ninjutsu Energy Source in Naruto

Simply put this way, the chakras are Ninjutsu energy. Ninja itself to mental and physical energy and the so-called energy echoed, in the body of energy and chakra conversion. And the conversion efficiency will also affect the performer 's ability.
The body of the chakras extracted using, or let the patient body to play a direct effect of the so-called ninja. Ninjutsu and body skill and magic in contrast, have more choices of people according to launch operation condition, it is the task of comprehensive operation. And, either in the village or personally, there will be good at certain jutsu and not good at certain jutsu.
Characteristics of the most can attribute to classification of ninjutsu. For example the use of fire, the fire characteristics play is called Huodun, the characteristic of water play is called escape from water operation. And, if they can understand and use for their own jutsu, the effect will be doubled.
Even with technology - if the simultaneous use of two or more Ninjutsu, will increase the operative effect. For example, Naruto Uzumaki cosplay has multi-shadow combined with complete, more powerful harem operation.
Naruto Uzumaki cosplay

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Most Annoying Thing in Assassins Creed 3 is the Children

Do you remember the hated poet in Assassin's Creed? Thanks godness, he doesn't join Assassins Creed 3 at all. Of course this sequel also has some hate physical optimization problems, but that's not the point, because of cheating and speechless setting, the history of the most mysterious NPC setting, which is those annoying children!
Assassins creed 3 tiresome child, when Connor appears on the street with Assassins creed 3 Connor costume and other assassins.
Assassins creed 3 Connor costume
Three of them formed a group, quietly like a clown was in two, and gestures, I really do not know how to say. Are they performing magic?
Although no one hates children, but every time I meet the same sound files, it's very strange, in addition there are some sound delay problem.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The ending of the Batman is veiled

Inception ending has caused a very heated discussion. When the little plum after go through untold hardships finally returned to his side, he turned up to distinguish between dreams and reality of the gyro, and the end of the film is fixed in the spinning top, nobody is sure the gyro has stopped rotating, dared not sure at the end of the film Nolan shows the audience is either a reality or a dream.
Batman: the Dark Knight Rises ending, also thought-provoking. Batman returns again to save Gotham City from the mire, and Batman eventually death has also become a mystery. Nolan did not directly to the viewers of the show Batman Bruce Wayne is alive from fighting against Bane mask with voice modulator, but with a contrast with metaphor let viewers to imagine. The in a sense has sacrifice, but from another point of view, this is Wayne the new beginning of life.
Batman and Spider-Man ( referred to as the Warriors hot hits ), in the movie summer tail set off a wave of late viewing upsurge.
Bane mask with voice modulator