Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mysterious woman thoughts in Batman

Generally speaking, Nolan's version of Catwoman is all about Catwoman movie most like a cat but isn't a cat woman, except by cat possessed the unconventional plot, Nolan put the Catwoman created as an intriguing woman. Although she also like other girl in black appears, but her black leather is not to show off the wild sexy Catwoman, but in order to meet her chameleon like character. Nolan under the lens of her just as a cat symbol, she also is also interesting personality whets Batman life has lost all colors.
However, this woman is not to talk about a love to be struck with fright, her appearances in the mission is for the villain Bain to verify the identity of Bruce Wayne. Then, Batman and Catwoman in you stole my a fingerprint. I save you in a time to kill of such an unequal relationship game gradually warming. In the affection that the relationship between the two step, take her to see her for her behind the boss Bane whose Bane mask is well-known by us, and then fell into Catwoman united Bane hoax, in this trap, Batman completed the original cartoon was only one time is defeated through situational reproduction.
No matter how repeated process, psychological more tangled, never a stranger car Catwoman finally sat on the Batman side, to achieve save brother Gotham City this noble mission, and the phrase it is not the car, this is the plane joke not only broke the story of Hollywood happy ending in the warm, also removes the mysterious Catwoman and doing various conjectures audience between the diaphragm. As the Lust Tang Wei finally said to Tony Leung that go, strained disguise self redemption always make people so carefree.

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