Sunday, November 25, 2012

Strong Personalities of Villain Bane

Bane is one of the most powerful enemy, he is on the top 100 comic and ranked 34 in IGN, why? Because he had broken the spine of Batman!
He had grown up in Pena Duro prison. Because his father was sentenced to life imprisonment.
In prison. In his urine every day in prison gym perspiration came down like raindrops, and have strong physique. He read more books, read good books, and under the condition of the prison that cruel, increased combat skills. He and the prison priest in learning knowledge, many years later, he personally killed him. He even claimed his first kill, is eight years old, he died a prisoner.
While in prison, he always carried a tactic bear, he called it the OSITO. And that it be his only friend. In fact, bear belly with a knife, Bane ready to use him to deal with bullies ...
He eventually became Pena Duro king of prison. The prison authorities later forced him to participate in the trial, he was injected with a drug called venom steroidsin to Bane mask. All experiments were dead. Only Bane adhere to live down, and get a super power. But he must every 12 hours with a single drug, otherwise he will be weak. His injection method is, the drug through a tube, injected directly into the brain.
Bane mask

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