Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moster Assassins Altair and Desmond

Background of game Assassins Creed is set at the end of the twelfth Century third crusade. Their names are Altair Ezio and Demon with assasins creed hoodie, are assassins group members. For assassins, earning money by taking commissions, like kill people, and they are prond of their job.
The specific circumstances of the game is unknown, but it seems to complete the mission, they have to deal with Crusaders and enemies. One of the most amazing scene occurs about Demon is that Altair is killed by several angry guards. After Altair dead, screen did not appear on the usual Game Over, but in a white light appeared after a Animus called the mystery machine. This machine works Corey equivocation, only hint that the game time is not limited to 1191. The Crusaders and the time travel linked to, the Demo in his Assassin Creed Desmond Miles hoodie full lift everyone's appetite, especially for those who value the storyline of the game players.
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