Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Come Batman and Bane could be Different Ways

The Dark Knight Rises paid more attention to discussing the human nature. Bane to Batman, actually you in their eyes, like me, was a monster, has shown common of them. Batman with parental guilt become evil nemesis, but itself also ignore the law, and Bane express similar anarchism, can say in the bright knight, the dark knight and Bane among three people, no one can stand in the real moral norms, it is against the law to advocate order, fairness, justice only personal identity. So the beginning of the movie also use other believe in justice men disguised as Batman chivalric and questioned him, you and we are not the same as what.
These mental patient ( Batman Series of whole world view that Wayne actually and Bane are crazy ) a purpose, a become two-faced, a natural love of panic, suggesting that all the people are born the same chaos or the same awake, and eventually become the kind of person, depends on your heart adhere to, want to be a hero, in this process by the combat and swayed more, but this is not your choice decides the direction of force, but their true inner thoughts motivates them to become what kind of person. Some people want to be Bane to have Bane mask voice amazon, some want to be Batman via finding his stuff.

Bane mask voice amazon