Thursday, December 6, 2012

What has One Piece Given to us

Now the Japanese three big laborer manga popularity in China is very strong, they make known to every family is the One Piece, Naruto and Death, while in the three most popular works is One Piece. The comic has brought us large and imaginative world outlook, outlook on the world and one of the various rigorous detail let people aftertaste and praise. Comic created many unique role, regardless of is the protagonist Lu Fei and his companions, or in the adventure in the various enemies and friends, their different abilities and character to the comic to add more charm. In addition to the above features, the animation in a variety of impressive story for those who have seen my tears trickling down one's cheeks, either in a Rabastan and BiyiBi farewell, or people witnessing the burning of Melly number and so on, every time I see these lenses will always find the orbital is wet.
One Piece cosplay costumes can be said to be the set of all outstanding comic elements in a classic works, which is why the comic in Japan the prosperous reasons. Such excellent theme if not into the game is wasted, the so-called game catoon and caricature does not break up, one piece in its development of 12 years there have been numerous game adapted works. Some of them are based on the comic book the original plot, some original plot, some by the cartoon character adapted into other types of games, generally is to make Comics Super high gas for game earn opportunities. Below small make up for game player and anime fans to check several representative One Piece video game, have a look of the 10 years of development, which one piece game also brought us and comic the same feeling.
One Piece cosplay costumes