Monday, December 10, 2012

The Most Successful Catwoman and Villain Bane Mask

Catwoman Batman is true, but as Catwoman destiny it has not certainly. However, recently in Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight Rise, Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman excellent performance, the Hollywood that she was the most successful ever Catwoman.
First of all, in the Dark Knight Rise, director Nolan to abandon the Catwoman nickname, can imagine before the citizens of Gotham often took the name as a joke. She is a cat like occupation thief, not wearing tight leather flip-flop bad woman. Remove alias, narrowing the ears, making this was defined by the increase in the number of fresh and real sense.
the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask
Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman is not only the image of the predecessors, there is a great difference in the plot, also from the past villains. The history of the classic Catwoman was supposed to be released in 1992, this character is still so popular.
Hathaway 's Selina Kell is very consistent with the modern popular tastes. New Selina is like a female version of Robinhood, she was involved in the villain from the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask plot but remain neutral, she represents freedom, independence and revolution. Although Catwoman stood on opposite sides of the law, but she and Batman is still attracted to each other. After all, will never find a woman is capable of standing in the Batman side, in addition to the Selina - Kell.
On the other side, the villain Bane is also a successful charactor.
the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask