Monday, December 10, 2012

Assassin's Creed game access limited policy

As reported, Nintendo has begun to carry out adult game content ( PEGI 18+ ) limit access policy in Europe. According to the report, recently had the Wii U game player in the NeoGAF forum announced that its cannot access through eShop and purchase adult games work related content.
While Nintendo Italy service said, " Dear customer, Nintendo held is fit for all ages game player 's gameexperience, so we decided to just 11 pm to 3 am this period of time that is not suitable for minors access to opengame content. "Nintendo 's comments in EuroGamer subsequent experiments verified, when the site staff attempted to purchaseAssassins Creed 3 and Zombi U of two adult games, received a " you can not at this time to view the content" the system prompt. Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes are just likely to the trend of this game online.
In addition, Nintendo Usa Inc responsible person also has said that, aiming at the adult level of game content limit open policy restricted to Europe, the United States is not in the plan.
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