Monday, December 24, 2012

Wear a Bane Mask for the End of World

If it comes to the end of the world, where are you? What will you do? I will quietly looking at the sky, it is one of the most rare to see the spectacular scene; I will tell everyone they know to send a goodbye message, if the communication can also support me), my farewell is my dear friends, dear family, we all should dissolve in the sky. The beautiful sky, but in order to achieve the best, you only need to pay a little pain and terror can achieve, henceforth, we will not have any worries, no pain, happiness will always be with us. Now the time has come, let us extend a warm hand to the brave hug! But when tens of thousands of years the earth to heal in time, if we are alive not dead, please do not forget to contact each other.
Of course, I will dress like my idol Bane, before must to take a hot bath, must put on Bane clothes preferably with Bane cotton jacket, heaven is cold, besides, Bane mask voice amazon and his boots must be wiped clean. Therefore, I can be just like Bane in the movie.
Bane mask voice amazon