Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Rumors About the Dark Knight Rises

Batman: the Dark Knight Rises is the official title, and was trialed about more than a month before it has been shown, subject and content were not inappropriate. After over one week trial and then sent to the Shanghai film studio dubbing to finish the final step.
So now I get real high quality news, I can be very responsible to tell you, the Dark Knight rises and not cut for a second, especially the plots of villain Bane mask with voice changer are expected to see original, and would be released in the mainland of China, just a little bit later than we expected.
The media and individuals for their own interests, to speculation, in order to more individuals is not on the table to constantly take the only instance, cut cut, not on things speculation, is actually very boring. We pay attention to the new information to know, don't listen to or used.
In addition, the aliens series fans might be miserable, because prior to Prometheus was cut more than fifteen minutes.
The Dark Knight rises in the professional film review website rotten tomatoes harvested from 161 fresh tomato, 24 rotten tomatoes, fresh degree is 87%, 94 percent lower than the Dark Knight, 86 percent higher than Inception. To be sure, even if it is not Nolan's masterpiece, can not go beyond the dark knight, also is extremely wonderful movie.
Bane mask with voice changer