Thursday, December 13, 2012

Have You Seen the Assassins Creed Moive

Assassins Creed has filmed into a short moive. How do you think about it?
First, this short film is a fans to things, didn't play the game won't understand. But as the game player, seen so many large and small game adaptation of the film, has not seen the reduction degree so high. Buildings, streets, action, the colors of the picture and say, perspective is simply 100% reduction; and the actors ( except Ezio, Connor ) Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes are so amazing, so like them.
Only played the game of the people, in order to know this movie and subsequent plot sequence of events. The actor ( the two sons of Giovanni Ezio ) in the game to play various methods of killing, cuff sword, archery, darts, pistol, poison, throwing smoke bombs, hand edge, seizing arms, stealing, bribery, horseback riding, fly over the walls, hiding, and Hawkeye mode is also cool vigor full. Those stunts are stunning.
Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes