Monday, December 3, 2012

The ending of the Batman is veiled

Inception ending has caused a very heated discussion. When the little plum after go through untold hardships finally returned to his side, he turned up to distinguish between dreams and reality of the gyro, and the end of the film is fixed in the spinning top, nobody is sure the gyro has stopped rotating, dared not sure at the end of the film Nolan shows the audience is either a reality or a dream.
Batman: the Dark Knight Rises ending, also thought-provoking. Batman returns again to save Gotham City from the mire, and Batman eventually death has also become a mystery. Nolan did not directly to the viewers of the show Batman Bruce Wayne is alive from fighting against Bane mask with voice modulator, but with a contrast with metaphor let viewers to imagine. The in a sense has sacrifice, but from another point of view, this is Wayne the new beginning of life.
Batman and Spider-Man ( referred to as the Warriors hot hits ), in the movie summer tail set off a wave of late viewing upsurge.
Bane mask with voice modulator