Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to be a Successful Assassin

A successful assassination has failed because the other side is appropriate and the operation of skilled assassination. I will carry on the analysis.
First in the process of the assassin, the biggest threat is monk, is generally the assassin first targeted for assassination, of course, the monks have their own limitations and advantages, if known, and their fight is an assassin, first meeting put poison clothes absolutely wrong, second times the change of UB, assassin this moment will generally go to use deadly poison after sonic attack, of course, UB is not for everybody to have, and monk and assassin both instant kill each other, in general the assassin has certain advantages, the assassin in the dark, and in the light. And I own and monk combat experience, the monk in the bow when I sonic is absolutely not the monk, the assassin fatal will gradually close to the monks, and bow hunting at the same time light the assassin for appearing probability is still quite large, as after, some guests will sting start running, others will be charged against the bow body, rushed to open or gather gas after A8, run ... ... Usually when I run survival probability is 50.
Relative to the 2 PK is a powerful occupation, the outcome was essentially flat, occasionally assassin high a little bit, after all, the assassin sonic no release preparation time and A8 chant, and camouflage and bow, seem to be more active in disguise by wearing Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes. The monk, he can put A8 on the results show, quietly waiting for explosive gas after the deadly sonic odds much, of course the monk back madly immediately with gas, seize the moment your chance.
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