Saturday, January 5, 2013

Swords are the Spirit of Sword Art Online

In 2022, the mankind to realize the real world and virtual space fusion, electronic manufacturers to develop a Sword Art Online domain online game. SAO just one world acclaimed, limited ten thousand copies ended on the day of issue of a short period of time it will be sold out.
Through networking, game player can be personally on the scene into the imaginative and exotic game world -- floating honest Ian Gerd Lunt. Game player here can live, martial arts, upgrades, business, adventure, and the real world is identical, but have the fun. Who is one of the few beta game player Kirito Sword Art Online(voice of Matsuoka) is the ten thousand one of the fortunate ones in Sword Art Online sword. The initial excitement over, game player they found cannot well logging out of the game, more terrible is, once the game player HP is zero, in the real world, their flesh will die. They are the developers of SAO Kayabacho Jing Yan ( dubbing by Yamate Hiroshii) trapped in the game, a smooth escape method seems to be the only one, that is to complete the difficult task of many strategies.
Sword Art Online sword