Thursday, October 18, 2012

The changes of tradition Halloween festival

Halloween today has not spread to the religious superstition, it became a children 's program, young people also fancy dress party programs.
  On the social activities of the festival has been doing positive guide: ask the adult education children threatening not to the practical joke, also ask the adult children go out together ( usually an adult cars parked on the roadside, children knock on the door to discuss sugar ). Adults should ask their children only to have the gate layout of the festival of lights and point them, or do not bother. In addition to discuss sugar process must always stand at the gate waiting for, not inside, recover the sugar to pay only after the inspection must eat. Reception on the child's family also asked not to produce their own food, nor to the non-food packaging.
  Public places and home around the festival layout are voluntary. A jack-o-lantern, white net black spider, is a festival decorate, have no shocking Halloween colors. Some female students also end at this moment will buy a pumpkin and ghost skull earrings to wear. If there is any home decorate do too scary, being related to stop, the media also can make its exposure, let the public criticism.
  Halloween costume, and thousand million, not monotonous large ghost soldier. There are many ways to teach people how to make Halloween costume. For example, making the most simple ghost costume with a white bed sheets at the top of his head, don't forget to buckle two holes for eyes is; if want to play the magician, wear black clothes black pants, wear black bowler hat, and in the topper and head between reservoir a downy Bunny standby; also taught adults how to make children dressed as angels, white pants, and again from behind how to tie a flashlight on the head; also teaches how to put children dress up like their favorite cartoon. Of course, clothing, props industry businessmen, more articles can be done.
  Schools in the Halloween is not a holiday. Sometimes the school to organize the party, sometimes unwilling to remain out of the limelight of the students will also own hosting small parties; friends, family and mutual send greeting cards Happy Halloween has become the year October popular custom. Now the Internet makes send Halloween card is more convenient and economic,
  In conclusion, Halloween has become western a very ordinary seasonal festivals. There are many people see this as the end of autumn and winter. Halloween, people began to look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year.
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