Monday, October 8, 2012

In relation to the plot and painting of Ao no Exorcist

In recent years the more famous works is the black deacon and battlefield daughter martial art god. But since the black deacon 2, appears on continuously! What painting out of shape, like the original, and so on, the latter aside, this is out of shape with a bad impression most profound, it is probably the last October after fault dog! In fact, the fault dog just hanging out in the A-1's only, and is not produced, OK, this is not our focus today.
So when some people get their magic production companies, began to worry about the quality of the animation problem. I personally feel, works go out of shape, is not wholly to blame for the production company who, after all, the original of Ao No Exorcist Yukio cosplay there are so many people, a word generally 1-2 painting supervision, have to in the limited time total correction is not too realistic, therefore, basically just do generally do not take shape on OK, but if you paint is high, then when I did not say!

Green magic period can be said to be in accordance with the basic comic story goes, occasionally inserted a few original, but to tell the truth, in addition to fifth words magic food outside, other a few words original plot are pale, just to catch up and increase out of it! Not much meaning . From the phosphorescence 's true identity is known, is a way of original, until finally, also appear to see that counterfeit goods he said is the snow man their grandfather! If it is not fake it, it 's finally I wish him to die, Hello, goodbye.
According to the FANS sharp-eyed bid, which he had first appeared in words beginning, interested students can go out have a look, it seems, production team in the first words were planted original foreshadowing! Even the heavy new set to save ... ...
In fact, the original plot are not shortcomings, as supervised Okamura day fasting, some FANS should know his name! The supervision work has always been a good reputation, the DTB is the best example. Therefore, her original plot classmates too pessimistic.
In the painting, because every time I shot so is still relatively clear, green magic out of shape words number not much, occasionally out of shape that is no way, after all, every word painting supervision is different, original number should also be replaced, the drawing quality uneven, as a prison to one one to fix is also very tiring thing. Of course, most major or have to ensure that the original, if the original is out of shape words, as the prison is also too late to repair each piece of original.
Overall speaking, green magic quality is moderate, not bad, at least I don't think there is a large gap between.
The original story is not a cartoon shortcoming, depending on how to change.
Up to now, should have the people will look forward to the weekly Green Magic bar! Okay, you want to say, I said to myself I will not oppose, I think people look down on impulse!

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