Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Captain America will join the Avengers Initiative

Since the diffuse and Wideload Games last month launched the Avengers Initiative after the game, because like endless sword and criticized, some foreign media even made a failing grade.
Even as the comics industry veteran to have experienced years of wind and frost, Man-wai also impatient. Over the weekend at the New York Comic-Con, the company has announced that it will in the near future, the Captain America joined to the Avengers Initiative
Avenger action in the past, as Man Wai you hear that, in time, have yielded a named dance for joy feeling? More pleased that, with the Avengers members, the talented iron man black widow and other superheroes, with the avengers captain america costume, will also have a chance to be added to the game to diffuse. How 's it going? Is it right? Look forward to?
captain america costume

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