Monday, October 8, 2012

The Feelings are triggered by Assassin's Creed

Assassin's creed is the greatest place not its picture, not his actions, but by a series of the game to the interpretation of a person's life. From young to old, let us always with him, with him, with joy when his anger, as he hated, with him. Imprint is engraved on my heart. Love, not married, hero years are now looking at his wife and children, recalled that at that time she, has turned into a handful of loess. Flashy cleared, finally left us a aged Connor Kenway, and computer before us, still we. Leave it alone, after a lifetime of memories, although regrettable, but, after all, is tranquil and quiet.

Memory, Kenway all the way to kill him while he is wearing connor kenway costume, will be framed by the murderer of a beheaded out. At the same time also finally understand life. His father has always been the assassin organization members. Including his uncle, helped his friends, and help him to  change weapons, deciphering the secret letter Da Vinci are assassins members.

Stop the Knights Templar get into Kenway final mission.

To the last paragraph, The Pope to the Kenway station. At last. Of course he did not kill the Pope. History is not in the memory of the change. The Ezio was a companion of legendary prophet. He didn't understand that. But the next ...

Down the Pope, Ezio will face the Vatican underground hidden secret. God is.

When you have solved all the data objects left number 16. You will get a complete video, in the video, Adam and Eve crazy in a clean place to run, seem to want to escape.

Disclosed is of human origin.

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