Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The sentiments are triggered by Assassin's Creed

Assassin's creed is the best place not its picture, Not his behavior, But by a series of the game to the interpretation of someone's life. From vibrant to old, You should always with him, For him, With joy when his tempers, As he resented, On him. Imprint is scratched on my heart.

Will always relationships, Not wedded, Hero years are now looking at his wife and kids, Recalled that during those times she, Has turned into many loess. Flashy cleaned, Eventually left us a aged Connor Kenway, And internet before us, At present we. Get out alone, After a use of memories, Although disappointing, so, added, Is quiet and quiet.

Ability to remember, Kenway all the way up to kill him with assassin's creed cosplay costumes, Will be framed by the assassin of a beheaded out. At that time also finally understand life. His father has been the assassin organization members. Specifically his uncle, Helped his colleagues, And help him to move weapons, Deciphering the facts letter Da Vinci are assassins members.

Stop the Knights Templar become interested in Kenway final mission.
To the last sentences, The Pope to the Kenway sta. Eventually. Clearly he did not kill the Pope. History is not in the memory of the progres. The Ezio was a companion of mythical prophet. He didn't be aware that. But the particular following,Below the Pope, Ezio will face the Vatican subway hidden secret. Oplagt is.

With regard to solved all the data objects left number 16. You will receive a complete video, In motion picture, Adam and Eve crazy in a clean destination for a run, Seem to want to flee.

Given away is of human origin.

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