Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CW television cartoon series Deadman succession Smallville

CW television announced that it would start a new comic book series Living Dead, in succession have exit screen Smallville.
Comic adaptation of Smallville, is CW television superhero genre in the masterpiece series, the show for ten season, ratings remained high. However, as the Smallville exit the screen, but the main character are still remembered by its fans, just like the Green Arrow, it's cool smallville green arrow costume is welcomed. CW television began looking for new transcriptions, and the phase of living dead.

The living dead tells the story of the hero Boston Brand with murder, but a supernatural power to his death and resurrection, Boston - Brandi to pay off old scores, and began his career in crime punish the murderer.

It is reported, the living dead continued by Warner Bros. television production, and evil Supernatural the chief Eric Kripke will be in charge of the new drama producers and writers, but no official announcement specific shooting plan.

smallville green arrow

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