Monday, October 15, 2012

Animation of the rise of great powers

When I read on the Internet " detective Conan " animated background production company STUDIO EASTER told employees complained that the news, I must confess, my first reaction is not sympathy, but I believe that it is not just me, all about animation industry prospect in people more or less will have such a right feelings at work, because we have seen a lot of such news.

If only more story sympathetic index, I hope the media hype " white-haired mother crying son in the animationindustry of misery and anime cosplay misery" such news, maybe this can be for young people to win some sympathy for anime cosplay. But, pity is not enough, and is far from enough.
As all the unfair phenomena have shown, people will take the opportunity to resolve their own anger, but someone to relieve the victims of sorrow. Especially like animation so flashy industry, often by the enthusiasm of young people and the elderly frozen to cover up its utilitarian nature.
In fact, the labor-capital contradiction in the world animation history there have always been. But as Japan animated cartoon is such a serious problem, it is to adjust the. So in your opinion, in the security interests of Japanese animation practitioners, which institutions should, or most likely to take action?
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