Monday, January 7, 2013

Recruit Cheats Strategy of Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online abode of fairies and immortals - Hyphalosaurus continent magic cents a hotly contested spot. Occupation caves is not only a symbol of strength, can be assigned privileges in order to enhance their own strength. Want to do good at Sword art online sword, let us understand the hole structure. The structrue of cave within the island, by its inside island, the central square, constitute outside of the island.
Sword Art Online has its attacking place, it's the disadvantage while using SAO sword, because the cave is easily defensible and hard attack. As the offensive to done in one vigorous effort, step by step. Once lose the opportunity, it can't switch the situation any more. As the attacker, they must appear on the outside of the island, then to send a group to work refining town house stone, other staff shall ride horse quickly to the central square propulsion.
Sword art online sword