Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pass the Labyrinth of Sword Art Online Game

First throught the ambassador of NPC transfers the oultland map, after entering will find the map is very large, but currently only open the outland labyrinth portion. Then click on the NPC to transmit to the maze entrance guard, then enters a zone. Into the backfield, first of all have a rule that, if you don't want to walk the maze, here can cost 10 parts delivered directly to the free zone. Outland maze monster in Sword Art Online swords main drop for synthesis and processing of stars printed material.
Of course, game player can also choose to guard a zone, into the day outside the maze, but be careful, guard a zone has many level 250 guards, game player to bypass the need to guard. Through a guard zone, there will be a transfer of NPC for Sword Art Online Kirito sword, game player can choose directly transmitted to the labyrinth layer, can also take 1 parts are communicated to the two layer and three layer. Enter the maze, game player will first appear in the position shown, of course, labyrinth move also is to have cultured. Here has been sorted out, for everyone to share. If you want to play head words, only random delivery, because there is no direct arrival method, only lucky.
Sword Art Online swords