Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tom Hardy will Star Gangster Boss

Tom Hardy recently is really hot actor, everywhere can see his figure. In addition to this year's Batman: the Dark Knight Rises, he starred villain Bane under his Batman Bane mask. Thanks for the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask, Tom Hardy has been known by more and more people. He had This Means War, Lawless and Mad Max 4 and other films will be shown. Recently there is new message confirmed, for Warner directed four Harry Porter series director David Yates's new movie Cicero will also be starring Tom Hardy, his role is a historic American Gangster Al-Gapone.
Tom Hardy talked about the film, he is recently looking for some inspirations by watching the films about Al Gapone and some 30's classic films, such as Petrified Forest, Public Enemy etc. But he also said that Cicero this film is not intended to remake of the classic, just looking for some kind of flavor.
the Dark Knight Rises Bane mask