Monday, January 14, 2013

The First Meet of Kirito and Asuna in SAO

For game players or anime readers, there is no problem for them to talk about Sword Art Online. The story has been expanded to all over the world. It is reported that 2000 million players are playing it and more people has already read the SAO series.
The main characters Kirito and Asuna, they are perfect team whenever in life or in battles. They met a special situation, which the players were disscussing about how to defeat the boss in the first level. All players needed to join a team with six people a group, but both of them were left. In this case, they had to be a team. In that battle, Kirito and Asuna cooperated very well to kill the boss with sword art online kirito sword and Asuna sword. This is their first meet. The Sword art online sword is very important in this game. I have no idea why Kirito has to be a player from a low level with his high player level and PH power. The interesting thing is all players are also living in our real world, but once they are killed, they will die in real world too.
Sword art online sword