Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Halo is better than Call of Duty

There is a very interesting thing happens when a video game goes from a singular version have to franchise. They start singing posse's ability to win and lose large amounts of quality over a period of time depending on how their stories, gameplay and finally intellectual property itself are handled. This is the central argument in all the reasons why Halo is much better than Call of Duty.

A large part of these valves in the niche audiences that use games on top of the larger groups of players are able to achieve titles. For example, Call of Duty Call of gene rally for people who have a preference for First Person Shooters. By searching deeper, it becomes a case of modern World War II or, as is the case with 'Black Ops' release in November, Vietnam and the Cold War behind. From the point of view of marketing, there is something for each major was during the last sixty years, which should be more than enough to continue to appeal to anyone with a love for war.
Master chief helmet also is a good point of weapons.

On the other hand, submerged beneath the surface of Halo and its status as a continuous series praised FPS, it is offering significantly different based on what the player is potentially looking for. Undeniably, this is a game for those who want to kill everything for fucking, but it is a compelling story of how science fiction digs its claws deep into continuous type players. Filled with a world filled to the brim with knowledge, there is not really the same line as the story is much the case with Call of Duty.

And the lowest, if not contrite, the plot is that the players are usually pleaded in Call of Duty. After all, the first three titles in the franchise intended to put players in the boots of various many anonymous soldiers who have done their part in the Second World War. Although this was diverged in the incarnation of Infinity Ward Modern Warfare Call of Duty, the story was still fragile calm, focused mainly on many clichés moments of summer blockbusters. While a brief tribute combined with excellent gameplay and is acceptable, it seems to have become acceptable throughout the course of the game to use the experiences that made players feel as if they had entered into an action movie.

We hope to see halo 4 armor become the best collection.

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