Thursday, March 21, 2013

Somebody said halo is dead?

Halo 4 is the eighth (including the remake of Halo CE) and fifth on the Xbox 360 Halo 4 begins a new trilogy of games called the Reclaimer trilogy, after the protagonist John-117 (Master Chief) of the Halo trilogy original. Halo 4 was announced on June 6, 2011 E3 press conference from Microsoft. It was developed by 343 Industries, owned by Microsoft, who now hold the rights to the Halo universe, Bungie result Inc., which began intellectual property. The global first halo 4 helmet has released in Mar, 2013.

Halo 4 will be available for Xbox 360 console as Jukebox two discs, the first containing the second campaign and taking all multiplayer components be installed on the Xbox 360 hard drive or the memory of the terminal. Halo 4 release date has been confirmed for World November 6, 2012. A Limited Edition Halo 4 version was announced as well.

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