Monday, March 25, 2013

Is halo Better than COD

Somebody says that halo is better than COD, why? Because of it has great weapon or cool master chief helmet? So with upcoming title Halo and CoD time out, I decided to do a post to explain why Halo is superior and will always be CoD.

Halos campaign is a work of art. Tell a story in depth, involves the player in one. Rich and detailed, deep and memorable Halo has several encounters with enemies, great battles and breathtaking environments. It allows players to tackle Halo battles in different ways, and soundtracks and gaming experience in the design and experience something completely linear CoD lower income exceeds supply.

The call of duty player experience is basically a cinematic experience on the rails with a single player game, the multiplayer almost mimics if the enemy AI essentially talking cardboard cutouts. Today, there are all these "Michael Bay" moments when players "ooh" and "aah", but have no control over what happens. If you want to see a movie, I might recommend shit CoD to play a video game Halo is the clear winner.

Improved Halo game as allies’ cybernetic super soldier with a hot companion AI named Cortana. In CoD you play as a generic military soldier....... Think about this for a second. The homeless man in the alley behind Denny, a soldier of army life, his father was a soldier in the army, Hitler was once a military soldier, and you will be like-Yoinking - Hitler? No, I do not want to be like Hitler. Is the Master Chief, because it does and maybe the last hero? (Well .... most of us would not anyway offend someone who thinks).

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