Friday, September 28, 2012

The biggest tabooes for men's holiday dance costumes

Firstly, patterns of eccentric ties, shirts, boxer shorts, and so on.
Just say no! Put these clothes together imagine, you will realize that they will never be popular, too long, and it is also impossible to let you look very stylish. Therefore, the above a smiley face, heart-shaped pattern, reindeer, clover, animal and all sorts of other patterned clothing at you find them on store shelves.
Secondly, there are obvious brand label.
You don’t want to live a mobile advertising. That will make you look so young. Just put the chest, the sleeve, or any other place names with designer clothes, won’t let you look very fashionable. Plainly dressed and contracted.
Thirdly, the office to backpack.
You will be surprised how much wear senior suit but backpack people. Unless you are a student or are climbing the mountain, or don’t put the backpack back out. If you need a bag you go to the gym clothes, buy a good gym bag ( stores have a lot of no large LOGO bag for you ), if you need a can for your mixed file, mobile phone, memo… Etc… what package, buy a good the MESSENGER package.
And then, big shoes
In 90 time, this kind of shoes to popular perhaps nothing, but is now one of the these stupid guys and retire. Choose some classic design shoes will stand the test of time.
Besides, sparkling shirt or jacket
If you don’t know what to wear to the club, I can give you a number than those shiny and vulgar holiday dance costumes better choice. If you are wearing no concept words, try fitting black shirt or black dress shirts, you can use them with jeans and dress or casual shoes.
Next, too baggy clothes
In a word, fertilizer. Unless you are a song HIPHOP, don’t wear those things. Selection of tailored clothes. Maybe you need to spend time try, mix and match cut and style, in order to find out those you wear look very comfortable clothes.

And then, unflattering colors
You just after Christmas sales were found in the bright blue cashmere sweater may really tempting, but if it makes you look ill, then buy it will lose out. The color of your clothes should be with your own characteristics (e.g., eye color, skin color and shape ) do not conflict. Arranged time, you should always bear this in mind.
In eight point, when the weather turns cool when, we dream about the summer sun, but to wear sandals set socks and not let the season changing a little faster.

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