Monday, September 3, 2012

Cosplay costumes for men and women

Why cosplaying is so speical when cosplayers take part in their first real cosplay show?  Considered real cospaly is because there are conventions of one part or another. And it’s also the first time that we dedicated on cosplay and its subculture. You may also would like to cosplay other characters.

I suppose all girls like to be and hear sexy. Girls are born to cosplay, maybe a little bit exaggerated. Nowdays, girls are big fans of watching animes and playing computer games, and reading manga as well. Most of girls consider collection anime items as their favorite hobby. I know a friend who is obseesed with Sailor Moon, there are tons of Sailor Moon’s itmes, on the wall, the book self, on the talbe on bed, pretty dolls books, props, comics, prints are full of the her room. She is crazy on Sailor Moon, so she brought a costume from It’s very suit her.

For men, they more like to be super hero, like Batman, Superman, Xman, Private in Caribbean, Naruto and so on. And, of course, they are good at being their ideal characters. Batman and Naruto costumes are on the top choice for men. They may not usually think of what’s others opinions on what they are cosplaying. They just wear the ideal costumes and other accessories to be with them.
Girls also want to be a super hero, so they cosplay Batman, man in Naruto ect.
We may like cosplay in different levels and have different opinions for the vairous characters which we have cosplayed, but our passion for cosplay are the same.

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