Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Master Chief --Halo 4 campaign

In the multiplayer component of Halo 4, entitled Infinite multiplayer, players take the role of a Spartan-IV custom super-soldier. The players in the ranks of collecting experience points from the previous games and challenges ahead. Game elements such as visual changes, weapons, master chief costume and master chief armor and upgrades varying abilities are unlocked and can be purchased by players when they win the series. Once players reach the rank of the SR-50, can earn a "specialization", so unlock aesthetic improvements and adjustments to your game Spartan.
War Games is a competitive multiplayer matchmaking. There are different playlists with different varieties of standard death match modes based on objectives like capture the Flag. War games can be played with up to sixteen players on Xbox Live and has four player split-screen supports, although some playlists May wargames limit the number of players from a single console. In Halo 4, players have the opportunity to have some multiplayer matchmaking sessions while they are in progress.
Spartan Ops is the story mode episodic game that can be played solo or cooperatively with two-player split screen and Xbox Live with up to three other players. It is a replacement for the Firefight game mode introduced in Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST. The first season of Spartan Ops offers film and five new objective-based missions each week for a period of 10 weeks.
Forge is a tool to edit the map, which was introduced in Halo 3, WarGames as two split screen and Xbox Live support. With this tool, players can change the default multiplayer map by adding or changing spawn points, weapons and items. Forge in Halo 4 has introduced a new "magnetic" option for connecting forgings. Theater mode allows players to watch movies, create video clips and screenshots of the recent war games or custom games. Halo 4 also provides a file sharing system that allows charging clips and video players, pictures, maps and game types.

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